by Lane Riosely
Mad Duckling Children's Theatre, Amazon Park, Eugene, OR
Summer 2011

Directed by Brian Cook
Scenic Design by Frani Geiger
Costume Design by Gina Love
Technical Direction by Jonathon Taylor
Stage Management by Joshua Lange

Columbine: Maddy Weatherhead
Scaramouche: Tim Vergano
Rosetta: Katelyn Elias
Pantalone: Brittany Dorris
Arlequin: Philip Morton
Punchin: Jesselyn Parks

The Commedia Puss in Boots is the tale of the foolish youngest son of a miller, who follows the advice of a clever cat in extraordinary footwear to achieve nobility and a fine marriage. With swordfights and tumbling, Puss in Boots outwits many foes, including the great laundry giant!

© 2018 by Brian EG Cook

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Columbine wants to warm up. Scaramouche ends up having to fight her.