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and then there were none

by Agatha Christie

University of Alaska Anchorage
October 2016

Directed by Brian Cook
Scenic Design and Technical Direction by Daniel Glen Carlgren
Costume Design by Jason Orlenko
Lighting Design by Daniel Anteau
Sound Design by Paul Ríos
Stage Management by Jordan Crenshaw

Matthew Meyer as Rogers
Devan Hawkins as Mrs. Rogers
Richard Fulton as Narracott
Lisa-Marie Castro as Vera Claythorne
Taran Haynes as Philip Lombard
Matthew Cochrane as Anthony Marston
Mary Alley as W.H. Blore 
J. Siefert as General McKenzie
Elena Peyton Jones as Emily Brent
Isaac Kumpula as Justice Wargrave 
Angela Colavecchio as Dr. Armstrong

Ten strangers are summoned to an island with no contact to the outside world. One by one, they are murdered. Can the survivors discover the murderer before it's too late?

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