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by J.B. Priestley

University of Alaska Fairbanks
November 2014

Directed by Brian Cook
Scenery and Costume Design by Bethany Marx
Lighting Design and Technical Direction by Adam Gillette
Stage Management by Kellie Bernstein

Mr. Arthur Birling: Nolan Raapana
Mrs. Sybil Birling: Rachel Blackwell
Mr. Eric Birling: Mallory Smyth
Miss Sheila Birling: Katrina Kuharich
Mr. Gerald Croft: Ian Hendren
Inspector Goole: Marley Horner
Edna: Nancy Nguyen

One night in 1912, the prosperous Birling family is celebrating their daughter’s engagement with a small dinner party in the British industrial city of Brumley. Following dinner, the family is visited by Inspector Goole, a policeman who questions each member of the family in turn about the death of a young working-class woman. The inspector’s relentless search for answers threatens to destroy the family’s public reputation and undermines the relationships they once held dear. 

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