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I am keen to push the boundaries of drama, to see how the live and living art form of theatre can help us understand our world. I admire the British idea of creating productions which elucidate the current state-of-the-nation, particularly those that go beyond just being “political” and foster deeper knowledge about how we live our everyday lives. I admire plays and productions that offer windows into the wonderful, strange, perplexing, and sometimes difficult conditions of being human. I am particularly keen to create productions which can do this and also bewitch, bemuse and entertain an audience, those that both make us think and make us laugh. I believe theatre is ineffective if it isn’t also fun for both the audience and the company. I aspire to create productions with bold, engaging characters who always keep us entranced with what they will do next; with stories that delight and send us to places where we didn’t think it was possible to go before we even know we’ve gone there. I aspire to create lively, spirited productions which provoke as much as they entertain; productions which demonstrate the magical, exploratory nature of theatre.  

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