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by Joan Holden; based on the book by Barbara Ehrenreich


University of Alaska Fairbanks
Fall 2013

Directed by Brian Cook
Scenery, Lighting and Sound Design by Kade Mendelowitz
Costume Design by Bethany Marx
Technical Direction by Adam Gillette
Stage Management by Steve Keller

Barbara: Rachel Blackwell

Melissa Buchta
Daniels Calvin
Nicole Cowans

Ian Hendren
Marley Horner
Katrina Kuharich
Nancy Nguyen


Can a middle-aged, middle-class woman survive, when she suddenly has to make beds all day in a hotel and live on $7 an hour? Maybe. But one $7-an-hour job won't pay the rent: she'll have to do back-to-back shifts, as a chambermaid and a waitress. This isn't the first surprise for acclaimed author Barbara, who set out to research low-wage life firsthand, confident she was prepared for the worst. Barbara Ehrenreich's best-seller about her odyssey is vivid and witty, yet always deeply sobering. Joan Holden's stage adaptation is a focused comic epic shadowed with tragedy.

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