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by Phillip Morton

University of Oregon
Fall 2011

Directed and Dramaturged by Brian Cook
Scenic Design by Michaela Hager
Costume Design by Jessica Carr
Lighting Design by Jerry Leach
Sound Design by Karl Metz
Technical Direction by Janet Rose
Stage Management by Rachael O'Rourke

James: Derek Verhoest
B: Hannah Hogan
Roman: Andrew Poletto
Annabel: Sarah Ruggles
Peppermint Mocha: Emilie Martz
Quinn: Brittany Dorris
Chino: Martin Diaz-Valdes
P.Lone: Ryan Dougherty
Captain: Josh Lange
Oh: Colin Keating
Ah: Maddy Weatherhead


Peppermint Mocha is the story of James, the anonymous writer of the popular blog, “Peppermint Mocha,” who reads body language to create fantastic stories of customers he sees in his local coffee shop.  Innocuous at first, the stories begin to pull James in, and he begins having trouble knowing what is real and what is fantasy.  He also sees a beautiful young woman who drinks peppermint mochas, but he can’t connect with her.  Featuring a whole host of characters from the commedia dell’arte tradition, the play raises compelling questions about the borders between fantasy, insanity and love.

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