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By Caryl Churchill

University of Oregon Pocket Theatre

October 2010

Directed by Brian Cook
Scenic Design by Jarvis Jahner
Lighting Design by Frani Geiger
Sound Design by Ryan Primm
Costume Design by Jonathon Taylor
Stage Management by Jasmine VanDemarr

Joan: Alexis Schaetzle
Harper: Kelly Kern-Craft
Todd: Ryan Primm

Dana Fleck  
Brandon Hudson 
Jonathan James 
Charlotte Johnson 
Krista Messer  
Katy Pelissier
Sarah Ruggles
Peter Vergari
John Zoller

In Far Away, Churchill asks, "How do we choose sides?" Is it always right to default to the side we're born into, or is it sometimes morally right to defect or even to opt out of choosing? How much wrong can our side do before we realize that we're not on the right side? Is there a right side?  In the play, Harper reassures her niece Joan by saying, 

You’re part of a big movement now to make things better. You can be proud of that. You can look at the stars and think here we are in our little bit of space, and I’m on the side of the people who are putting things right, and your soul will expand right into the sky.

Joan initally takes Harper's advice, but as she grows up and as the word gets progressively darker, she begins to wonder if her aunt was right. 

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