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director's concept

The concept for the design of Stalking the Bogeyman was a palimpsest. Palimpsests were originally documents (papyrus or parchment) where the original written words were erased so that the material could be reused for another writing. This often resulted in a ghost image of the original reappearing over time behind the new text.

More recently, the palimpsest concept has become a scholarly code word for something with multiple layers visible at the same time. In the play, David tells his story from a stable point in time (2004, let's say), but as he (and we) relive various moments, we see both then and now. Most clearly, this is seen in David himself: he is played by the same actor throughout, no matter what the character's age at any given moment. In the rape scene, he is both 7 years old (his age when raped) and 33 (his age when telling the story) simultaneously. This is also true for many of the other characters. I asked the designers to pull this layering idea through everything we were creating.

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